The Band

PBUG (previously known as PB Underground) are the big buzz in London’s Funk world. What started in November 2008 as a first gig to get the band off the ground in front of a faithful Funk following, transformed into a full-blown launch once word had got round of what the band had put down in a couple of spontaneous late night sessions at Abbey Road. With the club packed full of press, music industry veterans, and a whole host of the Funk loving public, the band’s reputation as a musical fireball of energy was created on the first beat, and things didn’t get close to letting up for the rest of the show. London’s Funk revival was born.

PBUG’s Drummer and MD: Pete Biggin

Pete explains how the band got together: “The essence of this band was born during the Bahrain Formula One crowd shows. I’d heard of this fantastic horn section who we invited to fly out with us to play on the shows, and right from the first rehearsal we knew the collection of musicians we had together in the room was something special. There was just this amazing vibe, everyone was playing right at the top of their game for the whole week, it was like we were all pushing each other to perform at our best and beyond – and we did!”. Pete’s a drummer with a feel and technique that not only make him part of London’s elite, but also that make him unique – uniquely a musician who is a huge musical personality but first and foremost a band member, communicating with the band with an energy which keeps the audience glued to the stage. So much so that he’s kept audiences glued to the stage, radio, video and live playing for Level 42, Amy Winehouse, Chaka Khan, Mark Ronson and Incognito.

The Rhythm Section

The PBUG Rhythm Section is the core of the band, guys who have played together as a unit for years and make a phenomenal sound together, yet give them their moment to solo and they’ll relish the opportunity to rip up the musical landscape. They all love to play as multi-instrumentalists, everyone can pretty much play everyone else’s instrument to a staggering level!

The Horn Section

The PBUG Horn Section are a mega collection of 4 energetic horn players who know their Funk. In the studio they work together as a mass of musical invention – they literally ooze creativity and are writing some of the best, craziest, full on horn lines you’ll hear.

They take their inspiration from gigabytes of the 70’s and 80’s Funk libraries, and whether it’s takedowns from original Funk tunes, putting their own spin on a revamped classic, or writing material for the new PBUG tunes, they take a pride in being the most mental and exciting horn section around. On the live shows, the horn section command their area of the stage with a grin of expectation of what’s to come, always playing right in the pocket they power out the horn lines from the gig start to finish and love every second of it.

The Singers

The PBUG Singers are a small group of London’s real elite. As a group they are big personalities with huge vocal ranges, all of whom exude a confident on-stage presence commanding the front of the stage.

Always creating a delicious rapport with the crowd, the PB singers absolutely love to perform and make each performance a real show. All talented multi-instrumentalists, the singers have a huge involvement in the instrumental sound of the band – they dominate the percussion, they switch lead vocals on each song, and really vibe with each other and the band on backing vocals to produce a vast bed of sound for the lead singer to really enjoy themselves.

The band features some of the UK’s greatest singers, including:

  • Teni Abosede (Adele, Laura Mavula)
  • Chenai Zinyuku (Chemical Brothers)
  • Moni Tivony (Voice)
  • Dan Pearce aka DTale (Sigma, Dizzee Rascal)
  • Alex Buchanan (Thriller Live)
  • MOD (Rapper)
  • Tony Momrelle (Incognito)
  • Brendan Reilly (Disclosure)
  • Chima (Rapper)

Current Band Line-Up 2016

  1. Pete Ray Biggin (Drums)
  2. Ben Epstein (Bass)
  3. Ben Jones (Guitar)
  4. Luca Faraonzi (Guitar)
  5. Tomasz Bura (Keyboards)
  6. Dan Pearce (Lead Vocals)
  7. Teni Abosede (Lead Vocals)
  8. Izzy Chase (Backing Vocals)
  9. Dan Carpenter (Trumpet)
  10. Sean Freeman (Saxophones)
  11. Nichol Thomson (Trombone)
  12. Ashley Abbott (Drum Tech)
  13. Bence Bolygo (Management)